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Malaysia ):

Fri, 09/04/2009 - 2:35AM by Alexrawr 0 Comments -
Last post before i go malaysia for 1week ? .

Morning woke up 6.30 , Super late then bath quickly then went down saw those people waving for bus , I quickly chiong to the bus . Met bibi then walk to school .

First two period math -.- was super sleepy , First period study study , then next period . SLEEEEEEPPPP. Then Science period , sleep again . Got one teacher keep waking me up , Ask me do work . tmd pcb -.- then i ignore him and sleep again . ;x then he wake me up , i scold him -.- After that anyhow do then copy . LOL play games , After that PE , didn't bring uniform cause 1 period , super duper lazy ;x . Then teacher ask those wear uniform do pumping . 15times , tmd cb . Then teacher keep delay time talk and talk , I jitao hot i scold teacher " Nabei you enough already anot , you are here to teach us pe not whatever shit knn . " then classmates all said " Wah you chee hong siao ah  ?" then i freaking like =.=? that time was super mooody , After that recess met bibi then brought foods and eat with bibi , After blah blah blah , CL lesson , also moody , Freaking moody -.- After that english , Lanjiao taiji then tio pink form , After school saw bibi and marisa then ms selena ask me stay back , Then i fcuking ignored them and walk go out . Go home changed then went to CS after that walk to interchange fetch bryan , then saw Xiao ben they all .Slack at Small mac After that go to marisa house , slack slack after that walk to void deck blah blah . then baby sent me home ;x iloveher ;D

Bi , I going malaysia T.T , Today at bus is my last kiss , After i come back i confirm will kiss you alot of times , bleh . miss you to much , When you go out with friends , Take care okay ? my feeling for you won't fade.



Thu, 09/03/2009 - 1:57AM by Alexrawr 0 Comments -
Super not in mood now . haiz.

Morning woke up by father at 6.00 then sleep till 6.20 , Bus-ed to meet bi after that First two period was math .
Mr Sim , Mr Yoh and Mrs ng came in , Mrs ng said that one of the DnT key was stolen and she confirm it was our class . Then Mr Jairani knew this case and talk and talk after that spot check . Checked our bags then Mr jailrani question Nasruddin , Salleh and Me .  Mr jailrani told me that , I have a feeling that you knew something , Seriously . Did you stole it or not? then i said , i don't even know a single thing about this . Then he give me pink form at foyer and ask me to write what i saw or what i know then i write lorh . After that went back class just nice CPA lesson my best lesson . LOL cause can use computer hehe , Then went to math lap was sweating like hell , I normally wear inside one more shirt i get used to it . But then mr jailrani ask me to took off , Don't get use so keep sweating . cb -.- did my work completed and play viwawa? keep rushing stwack lols . After that recess went to eat ? brought chicken chop . -.- , After recess , EL lesson copy things all those blah blah blah , After that SFL went to music room and watched cool running , Funny and nice . After that went bi class and wait for her . Walk-ed to traffic light and parted , Her bus came then i have to wait for my bus . rawr. Then reached home called her , she outside her house . LOL.

Bi , one week cannot see you , i guess i will not have fun in malaysia . cause will be missing you super lots .How i wish i no need to go malaysia , Hate it ! haiz . Friday afternoon i come back straight away meet you ! i miss you super duper much okay ? takecare bii


If the sky drops , I will cover for you .

Tue, 09/01/2009 - 5:46AM by Alexrawr 0 Comments -
Morning woke up by phone alarm , then on computer . Sleep back for like 5min ? typed password for my computer then sleep back again . LOL after that woke up by bi sms , She ask me online LOL ! i already online waiting for her , How cute she is ;xx then msn with bibi and she went to bath and i went to bath . She brought her ppc and then she cab down to my house , I faster prepared then went down . After that cabbed to CS and then she brought bag i carried for her , Look like ah gua . LOL ! Went to the cinema and keep argue over which movie to watch , hehe in the end . Watched Scandal Makers , brought ticket went to eat chicken rice thn walk back to CS then went in watch , Little people only . -.- I swear I SWEAR baby was laughing like hell and the Boy inside the movie is SUPER CUTEEEEEEEEE . ;x Then end-ed went to interchange small mac and met Junhan after that Adrian came . Went to Tampines mall Arcade and then open plaza , Slacked awhile after that went to chicken rice shop cause adrian wanna eat , and then after that bus-ed to Safra , Went to lan-shop blah blah . Rooftop slacked and then walk-ed around , Went back rooftop . Adrian and junhan Ka Lanjiao wei to abel , He scared . LOL ! then took bus 28 to bus interchange , Adrian and junhan alight first. Then reach interchange baby went the near the cc look for part time job , Then saw jermaine and then took bus 81 and sent bibi home , she slept on my shoulder and i slept on her head hehe , then reach-ed . Took bus 3 back home , Super tired and super cold .

Bi , what you told me i was super hurt when at safra.
Is that my feeling for you is super true . 
If the skys drop , i will cover for you .I won't let you get harm.
Don't leave me . My one and only. 


Friday Friday.

Fri, 08/28/2009 - 9:07AM by Alexrawr 0 Comments -
Today morning woke up bath-ed then bus to meet bi , Chatted with classmate then bi came . she late 7.00 she reached ;xx . Then reach-ed school first two period was math . Got Test didn't study nor revise . After that do finished , Sleep till for the whole period . After that Science teacher came in and i keep walk around and disturb her? lols . After that Ms gan came in Mr Lao went out played with Ms Gan hair LOL . Ate Chewing gum after that Mr jailrani , Miss tay and another teacher came in and scolded us for being noisy . Then Our science teacher called Me , Daniel , Weixiang and salleh go out cause we are making a nuisance of ourself . then go out Mr jailrani scolding us and talk to me nicely only ? After that PE , Teacher scold us in class ? then i also not in really good mood so i guailan her infront the whole class? After that recess must go find mr jailrani then i didn't go find . Went to find bi but didn't found her , So mood already changed then i went foyer daniel can and said , Jiann guan your girlfriend at there lonely like emo like that . I know she going to emo so i don't wanna care about her and ignore her . then CL class , Super not in mood scolded teacher back . Then blah blah blah , EL Period got test got 2 period , Super easy hehe ;x Then blah blah , End class went outside met bi then walk to esso met Sworn Brother JUNHAN ! then adrian and leide cab home , Then me and junhan bus-ed to bibi house and she bath she at below talk and talk , After that bus-ed to my house Junhan going to woodland for something then pei him walk to bus stop and he come . Then me and bi went to eat first after that went to xcraft and look for lip stud then kopitiam , bibi wanted to eat bupor hitam , Then Met adrian and leide at macdonald and took bus 10 to Era , Met B , Xiiaoredz and sky . slack slack play-ed com and then bus-ed back to tampines interchange and went xcraft meet junhan and walk around , Went to CS Brought lip stud then got lanjiao taiji . sperated with junhan then pei bibi till interchange and i took bus 3 home , On bus super worry and regret that i didn't sent her home . sorry bi .

i’ve never known a love like yours
Nor thought it could be true,
But every time I kiss your lips
I feel what love can do

With hair like silk
And lips so tender,
Each moment with you
Makes my heart surrender

I couldn’t live, I couldn’t breathe
Without you by my side,
Never will I let you go,
My love will never hide

And in my heart you’ll always be
From now until forever,
No matter what, no matter where
We’ll always be together
 When all the songs are over
and all the words been said
The sun grows dim across the sky
and the world prepares for bed

I oft can take a moment now
to view the sky above
and whisper God a simple prayer
to thank him for your love
The curve of your hips
Is stuck in my mind
The taste of your lips
So sweet that I find
Myself lost in the thought
Of our next embrace
I see now I'm caught
Without even a chase.
Been so long we didn't quarrel , Haha . We have romantic and sweet moments bi ;D super love you <3 ;D


4th month coming <3

Wed, 08/26/2009 - 2:26AM by Alexrawr 0 Comments -
Bi keep pestering me to update , rawr . i always fall into her trap . >< .

Morning woke up around 6.25 then bath-ed , prepared then bus to meet bi , After that gave her something ;x and walk to school . First 2 period was PE then have to run the whole carpark , Its like ACES DAY ? wtf super tired , My team . Team 2 Spirt all the way from the start point till the end point , nearly died -.- After that Draw banner for class , After PE having CL , Chinese teacher said . Who never bring text book go outside stand , Half of the class  went out , LOL . i talk and talk and played outside super fun , ;x . Mrs Lee and Mr jailrani walked past . hehe when they near me or walk past me i very stess ;xx . then my throat very dry go i ran to canteen and brought milo ;x Then donavan sit on one chair , i don't know what he do the chair back broke , Whole class laughed like fcuk like that .then end already . EL Lesson , someone stole weixiang file . lols then i kena verbal warning then sit infront , Tmd .Did correction , dk what happen was emo-ing in class then recess , Changed back to uniform and went for canteen and brought rice blabla , After that 1 period of Math , Half class went with Mr yoh and another half with Mr sim , I am with mr sim -.- , Heard that salleh fought , LOL . Then DnT brought material and then dododdododododo , Do till sibei tired then went out play yoyo , Teacher saw then i argue and quarrelled with him , After that took yong leng bag and hide ? LOLS then went find bibi , after that bla bla bla . Then slacked awhile Bryan came then talk talk , Didn't sent bi home . haiz . Then reached home com-ed ;D .

Bi , 4th month coming . Happy happy ;D Don't make me worry or what okay ? i will give in if we having quarrels okay ? i don't want quarrels hehe , We are having quarrels very few already ;D Thanks you for what you done for me ;D iloveyou <3 


You got owned by Alex , Stupid Northlight malaysian .

Sat, 08/22/2009 - 7:43AM by Alexrawr 0 Comments -
Sien . LOL alot of people said my blog is dead . I didn't want to post but bi ....

21 Alexrawrrrr SiaoEh Always High ! Pbt says:
-21 Alexrawrrrr SiaoEh Always High ! Pbt says:
i tmr no need update ler
{[c=4]♥[/c]}-Ah[b][i]B[/i][/b]abe . [u][b]Always keep the faith[/b][/u]. Born to love you. says:
{[c=4]♥[/c]}-Ah[b][i]B[/i][/b]abe . [u][b]Always keep the faith[/b][/u]. Born to love you. says:
{[c=4]♥[/c]}-Ah[b][i]B[/i][/b]abe . [u][b]Always keep the faith[/b][/u]. Born to love you. says:
{[c=4]♥[/c]}-Ah[b][i]B[/i][/b]abe . [u][b]Always keep the faith[/b][/u]. Born to love you. says:
{[c=4]♥[/c]}-Ah[b][i]B[/i][/b]abe . [u][b]Always keep the faith[/b][/u]. Born to love you. says:
-21 Alexrawrrrr SiaoEh Always High ! Pbt says:
-21 Alexrawrrrr SiaoEh Always High ! Pbt says:
super cute leh you
{[c=4]♥[/c]}-Ah[b][i]B[/i][/b]abe . [u][b]Always keep the faith[/b][/u]. Born to love you. says:
-21 Alexrawrrrr SiaoEh Always High ! Pbt says:
-21 Alexrawrrrr SiaoEh Always High ! Pbt says:
{[c=4]♥[/c]}-Ah[b][i]B[/i][/b]abe . [u][b]Always keep the faith[/b][/u]. Born to love you. says:
today or tmr 
-21 Alexrawrrrr SiaoEh Always High ! Pbt says:
today la
-21 Alexrawrrrr SiaoEh Always High ! Pbt says:
{[c=4]♥[/c]}-Ah[b][i]B[/i][/b]abe . [u][b]Always keep the faith[/b][/u]. Born to love you. says:
{[c=4]♥[/c]}-Ah[b][i]B[/i][/b]abe . [u][b]Always keep the faith[/b][/u]. Born to love you. says:
good good  
{[c=4]♥[/c]}-Ah[b][i]B[/i][/b]abe . [u][b]Always keep the faith[/b][/u]. Born to love you. says:
{[c=4]♥[/c]}-Ah[b][i]B[/i][/b]abe . [u][b]Always keep the faith[/b][/u]. Born to love you. says:
{[c=4]♥[/c]}-Ah[b][i]B[/i][/b]abe . [u][b]Always keep the faith[/b][/u]. Born to love you. says:
-21 Alexrawrrrr SiaoEh Always High ! Pbt says:
{[c=4]♥[/c]}-Ah[b][i]B[/i][/b]abe . [u][b]Always keep the faith[/b][/u]. Born to love you. says:

Keep pestering me till i come and update. rawr ;x

Friday :
Woke up then bus to school . bla bla , Heard from adrian that abel tio taiji . then blah . English class did work and Ms selena came and counsel me ? LOL . talk about fights , anger management all those . Then After school , Bi said she got oral she register number 3 . She said " VERY FAST VERY FAST " then so long still haven come out , So told Leide to bring her bag to her . after that bryan came . He came down the cab LOL then he blur blur  cause we go up cab and cab to bedok town . Then he came down . LOL so we took cab to bedok town . 8 or 9 dollar + , After that super heavy rain . Finding abel then i soak in the rain  tmd after that Xiiaoredz , Iva they all at there. Xiiaoredz and me came to protect adrian de , So didn't do anything . Then Cassandra came. Quarrel quarrel talk talk , That fcuking malaysian guy fcuking guailan feel like giving him one punch , then heard that police coming . So we go to other blk , Talk talk .  i go there ask him pick me or bryan to 1 on 1 spar . He jitao call i fat , Then bryan and marisa come and gan him , i go push his head i shout . " knn , you wuji you jitao come 1 on 1 nia knn pcb " then he choose me , i bluff that Bryan fighter , -but bryan is a fighter . Then we went to spar , 1 on 1 . Then Taizi , xiiaoredz they all at there watching , first 2 punch i like . LOL on head he jitao seh already . After that he go play lanjiao , i shout at him . I kick his nose . bleed alot . After that talk talk talk , don't know what happen , Got one xialan bitch came and quarrel with cassandra . then cassandra go and slap or punch her . I wanted to chup in also but didn't then xiiaoredz go and chiong another group with weapons. After that went off already . Walk to bus stop and took bus 252 to bedok interchange . met junhan then i take off the MRT to tampines . reached home , quickly bathed and meet bi . Wanted to take bus 3 then bus so slow . Took cab and reached Tampines 1 . $3.80 . then went to brought movie ticket . 5.10 just nice the time is 5.15 , then wanted to go in bus the guy said cannot bring food in . So throw away . LOL then went in . Haven start -'- ! Watched before already and watch with bibi again . ;D . She so funny and super cute can? . HAHA ;x After that ended , Met marisa her mother treat us eat . didn't really wanted to eat cause right hand pain . but still eat -.- Then walk-ed to marisa house then interchange sent bi home . and bus-ed home ;D

Bi , After so much thinking . I think you done alot for me . really . ILOVEYOU , 4th month is coming . Super fast right ? haha . within this 3 months , Even we have quarrels . i still being with you is super happy . I will be very sad when i cannot meet you , that why i always hate sunday . iloveyou my one and only baby ;D <33



Fri, 08/21/2009 - 8:33PM by Alexrawr 0 Comments -
Bi , I really really tried my best to be a serious boyfriend . Do you think i'm serious ? I sometimes really don't like what you said to me . I hope that we can last long . Last as long as eternity , Forever , Infinite years . Sometimes you really make me very angry and fedup cause of you what you tell me . Why bother what people think , Why bother people said . 
Take my hand this way we'll go,
Said the man above,
I'll take you to a place of joy,
Where you will find true love,

If you let go, go on your own,
But mistakes you will make,
For many other ways there are,
Which you are sure to take,

When you feel that you are lost,
All you have to do is pray,
And I'll be there once again,
To help you on your way,

I did pray and just as said,
He shined his light from above,
That showed me the way down the golden path,
That led me to your love.
To lay a kiss on your lips,
so gentle and delicate
is like picking the drops of dew
off the petals of a rose.

I hold you close and feel safe,
sheltered in from the rain,
from the storms that grow and surround me.
I take your hand and look into your eyes
and see a heart made of gold and soul so pure.

You see you are an angel, an angel to me.
I could not help but fall madly in love with you,
the one who stole my heart.

I’m glad you did
because I could never find one such as you...
Some one who makes each day the best,
each laugh the longest,
each tear the saddest,
and a life, my life, worthwhile.

My sweet beautiful angel.
Sent to me from above.
I am so grateful to have found you,
and I give you all my love.

You must have come from heaven,
because you have pretty little angel eyes.
When you gaze at me with them,
my heart begins to fly.

Your sweet angelic voice,
continuously rings in my ears.
With you by my side,
there is nothing I fear.

Whenever we are together,
You shine with a heavenly glow.
Your beautiful angel face,
raises me up from feeling low.

Yes, heaven is missing an angel,
because you are here with me.
You're my sweet, beautiful angel,
and I'll love you for eternity!

You came into my life unexpectedly,
and everything took a turn for the better.
Your warm eyes, your laugh,
the sincere way you speak,
and the kindness you showed me,
all became a part of my life.

As you unfolded yourself to me,
I discovered more and more beauty.
I have never seen so much
gentleness in one person.
Without even knowing it,
you were slowly making a place
for yourself in my heart.

It used to seem so hard at times
to feel so close in a relationship.
But it’s so easy to feel close to you.
I can’t tell you how nice that feels.
I realize now that I had never known
what it meant to be loved
until I was loved by you.

I'll give you my heart; I'll open it up,
Will you listen to its small still voice?
For soft and quiet my heart will speak
To the one I'll call my wife.

Did you hear it dear? Did you listen well?
Do you understand what it said?
For deep is the love that it speaks to you,
Deep as the rose is red.

So, take my heart and treat it well
And forever in this life,
Come walk with me, your hand in mine,
The one I'll call my wife.
. Bi , I really really sorry if i have said anything that make you feel hurt or sad . You are my one and only . really . If you leave me , I will really be in misery and felt really miserable. iloveyou.


3rd month.

Sun, 08/09/2009 - 8:35AM by Alexrawr 0 Comments -

Although sometimes we quarrel and have big tiffs , we still get sweet after that . ! We are like same type of charater , Cause we quarrel after that okay already . Bi if i make you felt hurt or what ? i said sorry . My fault , I can sacrfice for you . Anything ! . Just for you to be happy , Hyper . My one and only , I LOVE YOU TO THE MAX , Max till cannot maxcxc already . In my heart , Nothing could replace you , Not even a single thing ! . You stole my heart and never give me back . You are the first thing and the last thing on my mind always . You appear in my dream , And sweetly make me sleep well . You are the cure for my fear , You are the shelter for any rains , My Destiny , My Sunshine . 
I never really knew you
You were just another friend
But when I got to know you,
I let my heart unbend.
I couldn't help past memories
that would only make me cry
I had to forget my first love
and give love another try
So I've fallen in love with you
and I'll never let you go
I love you more than anyone
I just had to let you know
And if you ever wonder why
I don't know what I'll say
But I'll never stop loving you
each and every day
My feelings for you will never change
Just know my feelings are true
Just remember one thing
I Love You! 
Take my hand and lead the way;
tell me all you want to say.
Whisper softly in my ear,
all those things I want to hear.
Kiss my lips and touch my skin;
bring out passions deep within.
You give me your love , It look like a wing , And make me fly.  When you are not by my side , I am like nobody , Useless . When you are beside me bi , I look like Invincible . ! .
Bi , You took my soul and keep it away , I stick to you eternally . Just to see you happy with me Safe with me . My one and only 
Its all because of you,
I'm never sad and blue,
You've brightened up my day's
In you own special way.

How can I get you to understand,
That I love you more than I can,
How can I get you to see,
Your the only girl for me,

Its all because of you,
My dreams came true,
Your everything Ive wished for,
and I could never wish for more.

I cant describe how much I care,
But when you need me I will be there,
To wipe your tears when you are sad,
To make you happy when you are mad,

Nobody is as special as you are to me,
Now I hope you are beginning to see,
Just how much I care for you,
And all my feeling will always be true.
You are my inspiration
having you in my life
revived my sleeping devotion
You are indeed a special someone

Loving you gives me hope
to free this misery that I coped
in those times I gave up
You came and I stood up

Never will I forget
how you always cheer me up
every time I’m sad
and for that I’m glad

Whenever I’m lonely
You were there for me
keeping my heart alive
with your every smile

I dedicate this poem to you
to show how much you meant
to me I love you
My special someone
Because of you
my world is now whole,
Because of you
love lives in my soul.
Because of you
I have laughter in my eyes,
Because of you
I am no longer afraid of good-byes.
You are my pillar
my stone of strength,
With me through all seasons
and great times of length.
My love for you is pure
boundless through space and time,
it grows stronger everyday
with the knowledge that you'll always be mine.
At the altar
I will joyously say 'I do',
for I have it all now
and it's all because of you.
Come to me in darkness-
For with you comes the light
To guide the way and show me
Everything is all right.

Come to me at sunrise?
The day begins with you?
We turn into one, together
All things we can do.

Come to me at noontime?
The sun?s brighter than can be?
You shade me with your body?
Its touch is all I see.

Come to me at twilight?
Day?s memories in your eyes
Reveal to me you love me?
We don?t have to fantasize.

Come to me at nightfall?
When day is finally done?
And kisses from our souls
Keep us two and eternally. 
In the tranquil hours of night
I walk in your soul
You live in my heart
With each beat
With each breath
We are one

Dawn merges with morn
I melt into you
You capture my spirit
Our hearts swell with passion
Our bodies weep with ecstasy
We are eternal love

My Angel, My Beloved, My Bi , My Everything
I'll Love You Endlessly.
 Bi , Sorry for what i done . Try to have less quarrel . iloveyou my one and only BIIIIIIIIIIIII 


Sakae Sushi ;D

Sat, 08/08/2009 - 10:10PM by Alexrawr 0 Comments -
Morning woke up at 8.00 , yesterday forgot to on alarm yet i still manage to wake up at 8.00 ;xx . Then called adrian and bibi . Met adrian below my house then went to drink Ice milo then went to interchange wait for bibi . She came Adrian and me kena shocked . LOL then went to take bus 28 . The uncle said 1 hr and 30 min to reach Tpy Interchange . Then bibi wanted to sleep then i let her sleep awhile , She lie on my shoulder ;x . Then reached already . Adrian and me super super need the toilet . Then after that walk walk walk then go and eat Macdonald . After that met Xuan then walk around walk walk walk . After that Mrt to Lavender cause i need to go ICA Building . Then Adrian they all go to Tampines mall first . Then bibi wait for me , I super loveher ;xx She Pei me so long ! BII ILOVEYOU !<3 . Then my mother came went to ICA building AFter that . Mrt to Tampines met Adrian they all at Bubbletea shop . Then Bus to OCH wait for Bryan and marisa . Then Just nice got one police car come down . LOL ! Then went up , Went down again . -.- Then bus to Tampines interchange . Then Walk around Tampines mall . then T1 , After that Bi Father came . Went to met him then go Tampines mall to find Sakea Sushi , Then it is at the CS Basement . Then went there Went for a table after that Adrian and junhan came . I ate a little bit only ;xx .Then Keep playing and joking . LOL! Then we keep making noise ;xx . Then after ate finish already . Wanted to slack with bibi de , then she can't . After that went to slack with junhan and adrian . Adrian go first , then slack with junhan at Xcraft then Took bus 3 and went home . 10.30 ;xx .

Bi , Thanks for everything . I think i oversentsitive already . ;x I super super love you ! Thanks for pei me for 12hr+ ! OMG . Super sweet cans ? . IWANTYOU ! rawr . I want you pei me 12hr+ more ! I try to have less quarrelings and tiff . Sorry bi ! You're my Destiny . My cure for the fear . bi , ISUPERDUPERLOVEYOU!


Life is just sucks

Sat, 08/08/2009 - 5:27AM by Alexrawr 0 Comments -
Life is a prison,
Oh God let me out.
No one to listen,
To hear when you shout.

Climb the walls of insanity,
Ride the waves of despair.
If you fall it don't matter,
There's no one to care.

Used to wish for a window,
To see birds, trees and sky,
But you're better without one -
Stops you aiming too high.

Watching freedom is painful,
For those locked away.
Seeing joy, love and happiness,
Another price that you pay.

Strong is good, weak is bad.
Be it false, be it true.
Your mind makes the choice,
And enforces it too.

Cell walls built by society,
With rules to adhere.
If you breach the acceptable,
You had better beware.

Hide the pain, carry on,
Routine is the key.
Don't let on that you're not,
What you're pretending to be.

Lock it all up inside you,
How badly that bodes.
Look out for that one day,
When it all just explodes.

Leaving naught but a shell,
Base functionality too.
But killing all else,
That was uniquely you.

So how do you grow,
With a timebomb inside?
Or how to defuse it,
Without destroying its ride?

You can't.


Nobody but you .

Wed, 08/05/2009 - 6:50AM by Alexrawr 0 Comments -
Boring till come update? On phone with bi now . Hehe ;x Super boring okay ? tmr still have go school , NCDCC Officer called me and said i will get public caning if i never go CCA . LOL ! Then i heck care him -.- .

Morning woke up 6.20 then faster bath , ;D ! Then Reached , Play-ed with bi . LOL ! keep tickling me . -'-! ;x . Then First two period PE , Ran 2.4 LOL ! Passed , keep running first 2 round i leading then 3rd i always TOH . LOL ! Then was sweating like hell ? After that 2 period of chinese , Did Spelling . Didn't know what i writing . LOL ! After that i Hear my ipod songs and slept for like 15min ? Super tired , Then EL Lesson racial harmony day Project . Did rehearsal and Team by team to present , Our team screwed up cause we didn't really rehearal . LOL ! Then During EL lesson Bi came to my class and i bully her ? Kicked her butt . LOL !;x Then Recessed , MM lesson . Slept for 15min again . went to DnT room , Was super bad mood . Lucky nobody disturb me if not they die -'-! Then Teacher ask me to sit down i ignore her , Not in mood so i keep ignored her , ccb in the end tio pink form . knnpcb. Then Met Marisa Then settle yulin taiji , Saw Bi then walk to ngee ann , Saw junhan . Junhan said ngee ann got taiji , then went there see if need help . LOL The guy tio taiji is last time 1 on 1 spar with him the Sec 3 . Lost to me . awww , Then walk to POD , Didn't open then took bus to Interchange went to xcraft then junhan go push one guy , Cause that guy keep staring at him , then i push them away . Went kopitiam eat then bla bla , Adrian came keep joking ;x . Then went to Macdonald find adrian friend , Then she go already . After that went to meet Junhan friend cause he helping junhan pierce Bridge , Then didn't cause some reasons . Then parted , Sent bi home . Have tiff on bus then something happen , Was super fcuked up then bus-ed home .

Bi , Sorry for today tiff ? I was super angry when i saw you leave the bus like that . sorry okay ? 1 more day , JUST ONE MORE DAY , Yet you can't pei me . Busy ? Haiz . Never mind , This few days i not in good mood also . I don't know why lah , Sorry then if i hurt you or what . Loveyou . ! I currently waiting for the 4th month , 5th , 6 7 8 9 . Till eternity lah ! iloveyou ! .


New Songs ;D

Mon, 08/03/2009 - 7:24AM by Alexrawr 0 Comments -
Previously Blog Songs :
Lady Gaga - fashion
Mayday Parade - Miserable At Best
Bleed It Out - Linkin Park
Numb Encore - Jay-z & Linkin Park
Crazy Pipe- Dj Sparthakus Hardstyle Remix, Dj Bomba
Soulja Boy Feat Sammie - Kiss Me Thru The Phone
Cry On My Shoulder - Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar

Currently Blog Songs :
Lady Gaga - fashion
Mayday Parade - Miserable At Best
Bleed It Out - Linkin Park
Numb Encore - Jay-z & Linkin Park
Crazy Pipe- Dj Sparthakus Hardstyle Remix, Dj Bomba
Soulja Boy Feat Sammie - Kiss Me Thru The Phone
Cry On My Shoulder - Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar
Destiny's Child - Say My Name
U Make Me Wanna By Blue
Pussycat Dolls Hush Hush

Hope you all like it ;x Bi also must hor . Loveyou ;D



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Back to update , Bored and nothing to do . currently no mood but trying to keep positive towards bi? . ;D <3

Morning woke up like half dead person then bath-ed bus-ed to Bi , Then Walk to school first two period was Art lesson , Then need do post card about your most likeable cartoon in then . Since most of them draw spongbob squarepants so i drew one also ;x . Lazy go and think what i like , Then play with the paper then Bottle Cap , Teacher didn't even want to care about me . LOL then the class to noisy after that teacher off all the fans , Just nice i sit behide right below the fan behide , Teacher didn't off behide so i relaxing LOL .! Drew finished pass-ed up . Play-ed after that is EL Lesson then teacher call us do project then i go disturb sharina Group , Teacher said " Disturb once more i call Mrs Lee cane you again " i said " Okay lorh call ;D " then i go disturb again . he said " I am serious this time " then i said " Oh really ? " Kelvin said i damn guailan . LOL then never disturb -.- just wanna scare teacher only ;x Then CPA lesson Mdm ong come tell me . Wah , Jiannguan i saw your blog leh . Got the Kiss picture with your girlfriend , then i JITAO CHUA TIO i shout EHHHHHH SHHHHHH WHO SHOW YOU DE ? then she said don't want tell you . Do your work then tell you , after that i do already i ask her , Then she still don't want tell walan . In the end i also found out ;D Then play-ed viwawa with , Jacob , Jeremy , Justin and weixiang . HEHE won more then them ;x Yeo wei is pestering me to help him play the Typing Maniac then help him go rank 2 . tmd . LOL then play-ed Facebook-ed , Recessed ! . After recess went for the MM lesson , Slept for like 15min then Kelvin said lesson end already , So wear tie go assembly didn't bring the badge , I go up saw prefect act coughing cover the badge area. ;x in the end they still found out , LCB lah ;x . Then went back to RISE Lesson , I Guailan Mrs Maisara . LOL she ask me face Foyer i keep facing the class ;x She damn dulan HAHA , after Rise Teacher ask me , Kevlin and reynard stay back , then i okay just nice i found out is the chinese correction . So i Escaped hehe , Play-ed volleyball with Bibi ;x Why she never play ! RAWRR , Then go home changed bus-ed to school Bring her Guava . HEHE she said super sweet ;x Bring you few more next time okay ? ;D then went to Kopitiam i eat Chicken rice she eat her Mee Hoon Kuey . ;x After that went to void deck slack , Castle playground . Tell her my lifetime and hearts talk ;D <3 . Then went back home . Took bus 291 to interchange then took bus 81 sent her home ;x . Go home hear i-pod hear half way No batt , CCB ! rawr . Reach home about 7.00 ;x

Bi , No more tiff i promise ! Everytime if i angry i will tell you and i won't quarrel with you . ;D I always remember your sweet kiss make me fly ! . You always will try your very best to cheer me up , I always very happy ! Super super love you , Don't dulan cause of msn or what okay ? You are my Future , My destiny . ILOVEYOU , 3 more days ! Although can't celebrate i will give you present , there will be months celebration till 3000 years ;D nono infinite years okay ;D ETERNITY ;D ILOVEYOULAH :D <333


No more quarrels <3

Sat, 08/01/2009 - 11:17AM by Alexrawr 0 Comments -
Bored , so decided to come and update , since My blog seem dead . ;x bi blog even more dead .

Today Woke up around 10.30 then prepared dad come and fetch us to Lavender ICA Building for renewing my passport ? LOL , Took picture the aunt told me to pull my fridge up cause must see eye brown , "wtf" . Then took already . Dad came and fetch me after that went to Bugis brought things , Then Dad sent me back home . Met Adrian then i bath-ed LOL Adrian want to do moonwalk at my house cause my floor abit wet then he fall down . LOL ! i keep laughing like mad . Then walk to MRT Station wait for Adrain Stead , Came already went to top shop to buy adrian clothes , After that Forgot . LOL ! Then wanted to bus-ed to Bi house then she said she lazy meet me , i was super super fed up . In my heart is like ..... , Then Met Junhan after that bus-ed to one bus stop and took bus 29 to OCH , This time 7th month , Sibei spooky then walk walk quickly went down just nice got police go inside , HENG we never kena if not screening . Then bus-ed back to Interchange , Parted with Adrian and his stead . Then Parted with junhan , took bus 3 home when wanted to alight saw Alicia , Both of us was like EH ! . LOL then went home , Took a nap . Ate , Com-ed and bath ;D

Bi , No more quarrels , Sorry what i said i know i can't take back . I regretted for hurting you in this way . I super love you okay ? Sorry , If you leave me i will be totally down. Promised you not to leave you , Promise me not to leave me okay ? . 3rd month is coming ;D ! SUPER EXCIDING 4 more DAYS ! ;D RAWR . There will be more and more months , Till Marriage .HEHE ;D to much thinking , But i hope it will come officially . I super
love you ! <3>



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Boo ! ;x long time didn't update blogger got problems .

Morning woke up didn't want to go school cause want to pei bibi online ! T.T , in the end never . Bus-ed to school walk alone tmd . .... Then went to 1t1 and chat with them then went in my class . Mdm Tan came back Junhan come to school LOL . Then First 2 period of math i sleep then SS i sleep awhile then went to Computer lab use the video cause our class no sound . Then talk with junhan something LOL ! kept laughing after that went toilet , Went to CPA lesson keep playing and joking around . LOL in the end punished at side with daniel and kelvin . Then have CPA test MCQ some very hard only ;x then teacher talk talk i and kelvin keep throwing and kicking pen cap around LOL ! then went back to computer seats people doing works , I at there Bloghopping and playing viwawa HEHE ;x Then Recessed Ate chickenchop burger. ;D then went back to class have English lesson wakao -.- Played with my green tea LOL i poked a hole and sprayed at people ;x . HEHE evil right ? =p then SFL lesson tot is 3 hour heng is till 1.55 only ;x Do what Read story then said Draw what you read . Then i anyhow draw ;x And Guess what the ending wth.
Then End school Bus home staight away . Cause want online with bi? ;x

Bi , Our 3rd month is coming ;D ! 7 more days ! ;DD Super super happy ! hehe Love you damn much ;x .
I so so in loved with your hugs and kisses ;xx oopss . Faster recover i want you ! Felt so lonely in school without you argh . imissyou Super Duper much ;x Nothing else can replace you ! ;D Don't trust me so much , Don't feel unsafe with me . Sorry if i done anything wrong . I always will remember the sweet moments we have . You are my eye , You lead my Life , You are my mind , You think and decide for me . Y
ou are my life , I chosen my path to follow you forever . I'm sorry i am , i am sorry your blue , i'm sorry for saying things that can't be taken back . When i see you cry i wanna die . iloveyou




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(English) I LOVE YOU
(Polish) Ja Kocham Ciebie
(French) Je T'aime
(Hindi) Hum Tumhe Pyar Karte Hae
(Czech) Miluji Te
(Slovakian) Lu'Bim Ta
(Italian) Tiamo
(Ukrainian) Ya Tebe Kahayu
(German) Ish Libe Dish
(Chinese) Wo Ai Ni
(Greek) S'agapo
(Hawaian) Aloha Wau ia Oi
(Lithuianian) Tav Myliu
(Korean) Sa Rang Hae Yo
(Japanese) Ai Shi Te Ru
(Romanian) Te Ubsec
(Bosnian) Volim Te
(Albanian) Te Dua
(Filipino) Mahal Kita
(Spanish) Te Amo
(Portugese) Amo Te
(Arabian) Annah Be Hebic
(Malay) Aku Cinta Kau

iloveyou Bi <3 .

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cb blog -.-

Thu, 07/23/2009 - 7:15PM by Alexrawr 0 Comments -
Wth , yawns . Blogger screwed up . i sicked , wtf?

Monday :

Woke up then bus-ed to met bi , first 2 period was Science ? then was sleeping , Teacher ask me wake up then i said i sleep 1 period then i wake up , she said okay . Then in the end i slept for 2 period LOL . ! Something happen , Then CPA lesson Our Form teacher didn't came so cannot go computer lab , so Mr Koh bring us to the hall to retake or do those fail nafar , Then i saw Mr jailrani , Mrs Lee , Mr tan and Mrs mohinda . I find it okay then i saw mr jailrani was carrying two canes . I was like wtf? then Mr tan ask me to go down the hall stairs , Then facing the class i lie on the table , Mr jailrani caned me two strokes . pcb . butt was damn pain T.T , Then back to nafar , Recessed then rest i lazy post lah -.- sick now . tmd

Bi , My one and only angel .



Tue, 07/21/2009 - 2:08AM by Alexrawr 0 Comments -
I asked God for a flower, he gave me a bouquetI asked God for a minute, he gave me a dayI asked God for true love, he gave me that tooI asked for an angel and he gave me you.

You are my perfect Angel bi.

You are my air.
The sun in my day
The moon in my night
The spring in my step
You are my everything.
You are the stars in the sky
The birds in the trees
The shimmer, the sparkle, the shine.
Without the light you put into my life
I would be nothing
A single leaf on the ground in autumn,Lost, forgotten, alone.
Before i knew you,I was nothing.
Now I am everything,With you at my side,I am invincible!
Feel the same my baby,You are loved so much,I love you now and forever
You are my darling, my baby, my love
You are my everything
I love you so much. Bi , Eternity <3

When you are sad, I will dry your tears
When you are scared, I will comfort your fears
When you need love, my heart I will share
When you are sick, for you I will care

You will feel my love when we are apart
Knowing that nothing will change my heart
When you are worried, I will give you hope
When you are confused, I will help you cope

When you are lost, and can’t see the light
My love will be a beacon, shining ever so bright
This is my vow, one that I pledge till the end
For you above all are my wife and best friend

These words I have written, speak of my love for you
From my lips these words spoken, shall always ring true
God has blessed me, and with your hand in mine
Both of our hearts, will forever intertwine

Into all lives, falls pain and sorrows,
I promise together, we will meet all tomorrows
Happy in marriage, honor and love
blessed in unity by God above.
Bi , You are more important then anything else in the world.

Whenever I day dream,
and day dream I do,
in my secret garden,
I day dream of you.

I day dream of you,
in a faraway land;
embracing me tight
and holding my hand.

Holding my hand,
and touching my face.
Just you and me,
in this peaceful place.

In this peaceful place
a pristine river flows.
Where the unicorns run,
a breeze always blows.

A breeze always blows
and sings of a song;
our love in a place
where you're never gone.

Where you're never gone
is as it would seem,
from dusk until dawn,
whenever I day dream.

And whenever I day dream,
and day dream I do,
in my secret garden,
I day dream of you.

Bi , whenever i think of you . I cannot find any room to think other things.

My one and only , Khelin Hoo Kah Ling



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Morning woke up then called adrian , Wants to online but can't -.- , then bathed prepared bus-ed to meet bi . She quarreled with her mum over shoes? LOL ;x aiya she cried damn heart pain . Wait for her damn long . Then bus-ed to interchange met that boy and give him $30 after that kiss bi. then go off . Went to interchange took bus 29 i make adrian laugh in bus like hell HAHA ;x Reach-ed walk up the road damn scary . My hair auto stand then walk walk its keep cold then Abel scared , Adrian saw something then i was like frozed . Then went to don't know what house later got video , then went to the Old Japanese School . I took video then abel , Adrian , Ken and me saw one girl inside the gate walking and walking . Later got videeo , i freaked out so i took my guts and i continue walking inside they followed , i walk nearer then felt something then i never so we back off . Saw Curse on the wall and trees , then rest got videos , took bus 29 walked back to CC then went to see bi , play-ed basketball . LOL adrian took of shirt then i took it off also , Bi got performance then watch-ed some of them screwed up LOL . Then they took pictures blah blah , then walk-ed to tampines Mall went to xcraft then toyrous Marisa took something HAHA . After that sent bi home , then bus-ed home tio gan like fcuk okay ? knn . never mind but still happy .

Bi , i super super superrr in loved with your hugs ;D omg . Thanks for your everything , Thanks for your love . You're mine forever , eternity . Don't leave me ! i can't live without you , I wish that everyday i wake up you will beside me , Everyday every hour , minutes , Seconds . i will be thinking of you non-stop . iloveyou! <3>



Fri, 07/17/2009 - 7:55AM by Alexrawr 0 Comments -
17 Jul 09, 19:08
sd: khelin the kuku face!
17 Jul 09, 19:08
sd: so chou,
17 Jul 09, 19:08
sd: ugly la
17 Jul 09, 19:08
sd: wear spec nerd lai der
17 Jul 09, 19:08
sd: eat sh!t?
17 Jul 09, 19:08
sd: nerd]
17 Jul 09, 19:08
sd: sec 2 stead 2ith sec1 coz nobody wan her liao. ee

Tag Replied , to bi blog .

LOL , i keep wondering leh spammer . You Eat already nothing to shit or what ? , She eat shit you wanna see? go 2girls1cup porn video watch lah knn . LOL You seriously talk like a low-life uneducated dog leh , We ages gap you huan lo so much ? Nobody want her ? i know you jealous that i have her as a stead duh -.- , Arbo go find one buangshit and stead lah -.- . Wear spec is nerd? LOL didn't you know that spammer are low-life , Slut , Bastard , Btich , Dog , Uneducated shit , Suckers , Fuckers , Prositute , Pimp , Bootlickers , Uselss , Hopeless , Fucktard , Tardshit . LOL before you get it , You are worse that a beast , Dog , Devil , Pig , Ants , Snail . So fcuk off , Talk till like that . I guess you are one bitch/bastard . She kuku face? you leh ? Bird face arh ? knn she also never said she DAMN chio or she have kuku face or what , I know you jealous that she is pretty , I wonder are you a pimple face or what . Before you do anything think first , Don't be such a tardshit and come huantio people . knn , Seriously go and die i bet your parents so fcuking regret giving birth to one useless,hopeless,dog,handicape,begger,bootlicker,fucker,sucker,bitch,bastard . Son Fcuk OFF YOU ARE WASTING THE OXYGEN AND FOODS IN THE WORLD .



Its the end .

Thu, 07/16/2009 - 7:34AM by Alexrawr 0 Comments -
Any last word before i go ? , Hope you guys have take care of yourself soon . Don't get into troubles ;D . My world end soon , Pure pressure . On Phone with Miss tay i get really fucked up , You wanna expel THEN expel , i don't give a fucking damn to you bitch ! . Fcuking tard shit . I am leaving the house , school Perhaps the world too . They give me nothing but harms . remember guys , Take care . loveyou ;D AlexJG(:


Bi <3

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 3:39AM by Alexrawr 0 Comments -
Bi ,
If loving you was wrong , i rather to be in jail forever .

You're the first thing I think of
Each morning when I rise
You're the last thing I think of
When I close my eyes

You're an angel from above
who takes away my pain
My love for you is so strong
It's always just the same

You're the miracle in my life
Who can always make me smile
Just knowing that you care
Makes my life worth-while

You are everything I want
You're so pure and true
I love you with everything I have
And I love everything that you do.
, Bi If you want to leave me . Kill me before you leave me .

You changed my world with a blink of an eye
That is something that I cannot deny
You put my soul from worst to best
That is why I treasure you my dearest Khelin.

You just don't know what you have done for me
You even pushed me to the best that I can be
You really are an angel sent from above
To take care of me and shower with love.

For so long I have hidden away my heart
But something happens when I hear your voice
Feelings and wants come rushing back
My heart taking over in this I have no choice

I cant live without you by my side
I can talk to you all day long
Its with you that I confide
You're the reason for my happy life.

My days are never grey
With your voice rushing in my ear
Its in your heart that I want to stay
Because you wipe my every tear
Bi , You make my Day , You make my life , You are my perfect lullaby

You are very special to me
I love you in every single way
If my heart had a lock, you'd have the key
I love you so much.

Bi , You meant so much to me that nothing can replace you . iloveyou baby ! <3



Wed, 07/08/2009 - 7:28PM by Alexrawr 0 Comments -
Morning woke up at 6.05 then went to bath , Came out late cause.. LOL ! then bus-ed met bi and saw kelvin on the way so together go to school . First 2 lesson was MM ? Slept for 1 period only cause was sms-ing with bi. After that SS went to 3rd floor saw Bi when going up staircase , Tried to slept but so unsucessful . Then CPA fighting with donavan , Salleh , daniel , Me and Kelvin . All Angkun people LOL . Now at CPA room -.- boring tio pink form LOL called parents -'- ! pcb nb.
Marisa came down and asked what happen LOL Kaypo Kaypo ;xx oops

After that Recess , didn't eat sian ! then EL lesson 1 period i keep playing around with the chain ? LOL i hit kelvin he said " WALAN EH ! sibei tong leh ! " i keep laughing then his leg got scar , then izwan butt was out so i take the chain and hit his butt very hard LOL ! HE JUMP UP LOL ! i laugh till rolling on floor . After that SFL lesson sms-ed bibi after that went up , What the fuck was sweating like shit ? then went in sibei cold LOL sibei shuang , First talk about Cyber Gaming WOW ! was so damn intresting i love Crush OMG . LOL after that Boys Favorites , Cyber Porno LOL ! Then that teacher ask , Why will happen if you watch porn then i shout STEAM CHER ! LOL everyone laughed i was like " funny meh " After that the teacher said , Soft core porn , Hard core porn . Then the teacher said " Do advertisement have porn ? " then i said YES TEACHER ! CONDOM Advertisement HAVE ! . Then the laughed again , i was like " Really mah -.- " Then the teacher said List 5 of thing that you will do when watching porn , i shouted 3 only . " Horny , Maturebate Anddd Spraying LOL ! " then i asked teacher , Cher You watch porn ? then teacher said yes , then i shout INTRO INTRO LOL ! after that my friend want to know what is maturebate then , i shout cher what is masturbate ah? then teacher said , You use your hand to similuate your private part till it spray sperm , then i said girl leh ? LOL then teacher said , Erm Ask your mother , I WAS LIKE WTF? LOL ! . After that end liao went out to meet bi , then talk talk talk , Sent-ed bi home , on bus was having a heavy moodswing , then okay liao ;D then got lighting after that i worry about bi , so i sent her all the way home , walk-ed to bus stop and took bus 3 , Talk till wanted to emo then never , Bi you are my best listening ear ; DD .

Bi , Thanks for everything you have done for me , i love you . i can't lose you . You are my best listening ear , Bi . Can just trust me ? please .

I wrote your name on the sky and the wind blew it away , i wrote your name on sand and the wave wash it away , I wrote your name on my heart it forever staying there , Bi i loveyou Remember ! Wo Hen ai ni , Wo Ai Si Ni Le , Bu Yao Li kai Wo . Wo Shi Yao Ni .


Fights -.-

Tue, 07/07/2009 - 5:14AM by Alexrawr 0 Comments -
Morning woke up was very blur , though today no school -.- Then went to bath took 20min LOL . After that uniformed then bus-ed and wait for bi . Then went to school LOL need to sit down at parade square? Fcuk ! zzz . Was keep staring at 1n1 boy , Then went to for class . Wtf ? Science wanted to sleep teacher kpkb , Junhan and keep scolding her till bwg . -.- . Then SS ? sleep for awhile bell ring , Was sms-ing with bi pcb . ! then Music lesson teacher said sit according to your own place . Then donavan sit on junhan place , I stand behide donavan see what happen junhan shouting at him then donavan scold him gangster? after i see like bky so i go kick donovan , CB THAT FCUKING TARD TEACHER ASK ME REMOVE MY PIERCING cb pain okay -.- after that EL , donovan inside class junhan rush in and shout . Knn pcb you from where one? then donavan go push junhan after that i go kick donavan then give him 3 punches on face he slam me down? knn my head hit the railing then i keep punching his face . Miss gan push me away knn , Then jun han PO Logo so i also po LOL ! after that okay liao , Then Recess sms-ed bi to ask her passed my class she went to toilet come back , Donavan shout i girl ? then i rush-ed him kicked him then he slam me down again , pcb . then junhan beside keep punching his head . Then i go out first see junhan alone i go in give one hot punch on donavan head he immediately stop the fights LOL ! OM came i was like what the fuck ? never mind talk talk talk , write report after that went for recess , blah blah blah then got one DM talk to me said i gangster ? then i said My outside friend call me alex , THEN SHE SAID I CHUP GANG . wtf? -'- after that D%T lanjiao lesson knn -.- take out stud again knn pain like fuck . After MM watch-ed video then end school Aiya rest sibei boring lazy said -.- . Fcuk HSA

Bi , You are always forever mine , Till Eternity